Creative Challenge

The Creative Challenge aims to encourage everyone – adults and children – to spend a few minutes each day being creative!

Every morning through April we posted a nature-themed daily prompt on Facebook and Instagram to inspire you, and we loved seeing your responses. The full list of prompts is now available below - how about using them as a lucky dip whenever you feel like being creative?

Please do share your work on either platform using the hashtag #northstowenaturechallenge and tagging us (@NorthstoweArts on Facebook or @Northstowe_Arts on Instagram)!

Any mediums are encouraged: something visual in pencil, pen, crayon, paint… or could you use something less traditional like spaghetti?! Or perhaps creative writing is your forte - or you're a singer-songwriter?

Remember, this isn’t about producing perfect work that you’ve spent hours on – it’s about focusing on you and developing your creativity. You’d be amazed the progress you can make in a month, and the positive impact on your wellbeing that it could have.

Massive thanks to @Tez_creatives for designing these posts!

“A drawing is simply a line going for a walk!” Paul Klee

September may be over but that doesn't mean you can't still challenge yourself - take a look at all the topics listed below! 

Some of the work shared during the September Drawing Challenge was displayed at the Northstowe Fun Palace event, at The 3 Pavilions, Northstowe on Saturday 1st October and Sunday 2nd October. Find out more here.