NAture in Northstowe Project

We're delighted to have worked with South Cambridgeshire District Council on a community art project in March 2023 for Northstowe's temporary community centre! 

Even more excitingly, we're now working with Homes England to use many more of the artworks produced during this project to cover some hoardings in Phase 2 of Northstowe.

Chapter 1

The Cabin (Northstowe's temporary Community Centre)

Whilst a wildflower design was submitted by South Cambridgeshire District Council with the planning documents for Northstowe's temporary Community Centre, this was an opportunity to make that theme more "Northstowe".

Step 1

You inspired us with your pictures of nature in Northstowe! Wildflowers, insects, birds - we loved to see your photos, which we used as inspiration.

Step 2

You joined project artist, Syrah Arnold, to create stick and ink outlines then collaged with tissue paper.

There were two workshops, one for young people at the Connections Bus Project/Northstowe Youth Hive @ Northstowe Secondary College, and one for all ages at the Northstowe Warm Hub.

Step 3

Syrah then brought your artwork together for graphic designer Jeremy Kay to transform into a digital file ready to be printed on vinyl and wrapped around the community centre!

Just some of the artwork produced at the Community Workshops:

The wrap being applied to the building:

Chapter 2

Hoardings (Phase 2 Northstowe)

Due to the incredibly tight timescales for construction of The Cabin, we weren't able to use all of the artworks produced by the community - so we were delighted when Homes England approached us asking for a design to cover some hoardings in Phase 2 of Northstowe.

Step 1

We re-engaged Syrah Arnold and Jeremy Kay as artist and graphic designer for this project, and visited the site to take measurements and dream up ideas.

Step 2

Syrah took out all the original artwork again and began developing layouts that would use many more of the pieces created by members of the Northstowe community back in March 2023.

Step 3

Jeremy then compiled the artworks digitally for approval and Hudson Signs Ltd printed and installed the panels.

We've also been able to put some of the original artwork up at the Cabin, thanks to Arts and Minds for kindly donating frames they no longer needed, to Peter at Northstowe Hub for helping to mount and frame the art, and to the Communities team at South Cambridgeshire District Council for putting them up.

We're grateful to South Cambridgeshire District Council for funding the original project and enabling us to use the design concept and artworks produced for the second chapter of this activity, to Homes England for funding that second chapter, and to Hudson Signs Ltd for supporting the printing costs of the panels.